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meat day!

So so tired after a long day, what with halving whole chickens and packing them and chicken legs for the freezer and then my order from Natural Instinct arrived late this afternoon. Hauling over 100kg into the freezers, I think it’s time for a shower. The dog’s have been following me around all day – I probably smell like dinner to them! lol

They sampled the big juicy legs and heartily agreed that they were of great quality and could they try some more later. They got mince beef and salmon strips instead but they weren’t that disappointed really.

looking forward to the weekend where we can all go for a nice walk by the river if the weather keeps up, hopefully get some good photos.

ciao for now

OMG where has half the week gone!

Well smells of baking dog cookies are wafting around the house and the tribe have all taste tested the new gingerbread bones (paws up)

Lots and lots of raw food arriving tomorrow to fill up my 2  near empty freezers so all the doggies will be happy in the north west!

Check out my treats website at

Have a good evening and normal service should resume eventually!

Putting your dog’s health first

From Canine Health Concern’s website: We asked people who had changed their dogs away from pet food and onto raw meaty bones to take part in some research. Our results showed that Natural Food – including raw meaty bones – is Better for Dogs than Processed Pet Food

Eighty-nine dog owners took part in the survey. Seventy-four per cent had changed to the raw meaty bone diet, and 13% were already feeding a similar diet. We were astonished by the results: there was a massive drop of 85% in veterinary visits shown by people whose dogs had ‘gone natural’. The 85% reduction was achieved by those who had been feeding the natural diet for a period of six months or more. Our own records show that, initially, feeding costs of a natural diet increase whilst vet costs decline. After about a year, quantity and feeding costs decline, too, as the dogs’ nutrition rises to optimum levels.

The main visible health benefits reported by owners of the 126 dogs who were changed to the natural diet include . . more energy and activity, improved teeth and gums, glossier coats, and skin, and weight and behavioural improvements. Other benefits included lower susceptibility to fleas, improved appetite, an absence of stomach and digestive upsets, sweeter breath, cleaner ears, no more scratching, and veterinary medication no longer required.

Although dogs who had been on the diet for only a few weeks showed improvements, those on the natural diet for six months or longer were dramatically healthier than those whose diet had only recently changed. And – importantly – guardians were reporting multiple benefits for their dogs.

via Canine Health Concern – Putting your dog’s health first.

Open mind, different view

As you may or may not know I am a Dog Listener, we use the dog’s own natural instincts and ‘laws’ to work for you and to better understand how the dog sees his world. It is an amazing way to communicate with dogs and it works because it was created by watching wolves in the wild, how they interact in a pack i.e. your family, how their heirarchy works (who’s the decision maker) and what are their survival motivators (food).

Did you know that most dogs living in most homes today think they are the pack leader? I hear owners say ‘No fido isn’t! I make him sit and wait before feeding him’ or ‘fido will do anything I say, I’m the boss’ or ‘I dont let my dog on the furniture or go through the door before me’.

Ok here are a few things to look for which you may not have even noticed before which tells someone like me that your dog is making decisions in your home and thinks he/ she is the Big Dog.

1. Your dog follows you around the house when you’re at home

2.Your dog sits at a high point in your house, like on the back of the sofa (looking out the window), at the top of your stairs, or even just on your favourite chair

3. Your dog is a fussy eater or doesn’t eat much, therefor you leave food down all day for them

4. Your dog initiates play or fuss, they come over and lean on you, drop a toy or ball in your lap or jump all over you when you come home

5. You dont walk the dog, the dog takes you for a walk!

Sound familiar? If so then you have been giving mixed signals to your dog and in the confussion your dog has become the decision maker of the pack. A very stressfull place to be if you dont know what you’re doing! Most dog’s dont even want this job, not all dogs grow up to be a pack leader and therefor they get themselves in trouble….. we call it behavioural problems!

Here’s what people think about the behaviours I have listed above first

1. My dog loves me

2. He likes to watch the world go by, it’s his favourite spot or he’s keeping my seat warm

3. He’s not greedy or a little picky so it’s easier if he helps himself

4. My dog loves it when I come home, he’s so pleased to see me and loves to play games with me

5.  He love’s his walks and getting out… he’s energetic

We humanise our dogs more now than ever before and they are paying the price for it with a stressfull job they dont want. Therefore they are then becoming obsessive, compulsive, neurotic pets to some degree and it affects their health just like us humans.

Here is what the dog is doing in the scenarios above from the way he/ she sees the world

1. I am the leader – This is my baby and I have to make sure nothing happens to them while they are in my care so they aren’t getting out of my sight

2. This is my viewpoint to the world where I can see what’s coming and protect my babies, it is my right as leader/ decision maker to have the highest point and claim it

3. I am the leader and I have food so my pack can survive

4. I am the leader and you will give me attention when I ask for it

5. I am the leader so I must go ahead and make sure it is safe for my pack/ baby

What stands out more to you, that your dog is manipulating you or that they are doing a lot of very stressfull jobs? Hopefully the latter and that you want to change that. You can.

I’ll be writing more about this soon so stay tuned!

monday monday

It’s been a lazy day, dog’s had a lamb chunk breakfast and played in the garden all morning in the sunshine. Rudi chasing our chickens up and down the fence and giving them some exercise too on this, another beautiful day. That’s 5 in a row, we’ll be getting too used to this malarky! Although I do think you cant beat a crisp, chilly Autumn morning for a great dog walk.

We must have seen gaggles and gaggles of swans flying in or out all day towards the estuary so it’s been a great bird watching day too!

All the dogs are inside now as the temperatures have plummeted since the sun set at about 4.45pm. Solo and Bracken were chillaxing in the living room while the other too played in the kitchen. Change over! Rudi is now wrestling with his flying squirrel toy upside down while Bracken watches on unimpressed and staying out of his way as he squeeks it in everyone’s face. This is his ‘mad hour’ after running around outside most of the day, he needs to wind down so he’ll try and get anyone and everyone to interact with him. Usually he rubs himself like a cat against any legs in the vicinity!

Salmon strips for tea!

Just found this site for good grip in the winter months- worth a look Ice Grippers


Morning Glory

Well it’s a fabulous Autum morning here in Derry! Blue skies, swans flying in overhead for a stop-over at lough Foyle and the dogs had a brisk walk down to the river Faughan which is about 500yrds from our front door. The girls were deep in the grass stiring up the locals while Rudi is […]

Thundery Thursday

Well it started off a beautiful autumnal morning and ended up with down pours and a few claps of thunder. Luckily the dogs were in while I had been out or else they wouldn’t be speaking to me by now! The meat man had also arrived when I was out so nice big juicy turkey necks for dinner (for the dogs of course, I’m vegetarian by the way!) and spent about 40 minutes dividing 4.5kg of minced beef into smaller bags to freeze for later.

They all got out to eat on the path or the lawn cus I hate feeding bones inside, they never stay on the towel or blanket and usually end up sneeking into the living room to eat it, they just know it’s my pet peeve! So outside everyone is happy and now they’re all having a snooze with full belly’s.

I’ve just found a great site called Canine Health Concerns and have been reading some very sad stories. I get so annoyed with the veterinary fraternity who should be alerting owners to the health risks of  feeding our pets manufactured rubbish and then drugging them up to the nines (anual vacs) when a healthy animal doesn’t need it. So they make twice as much money of us and then ask for a whole lot more when the dog falls ill with all that crap goin into it’s body in the first place! (ok calm…)

Here is the site, do read, sceptically or with honest interest, I dont mind (hover over the CHC) CHC

Promise to write more tomorrow!

Happy hour

Trying to work, or more rather research on the net while the 2 mental cases, Rudi and Luna, roll and wrestle around the living room floor and make loads of noise. All I can see over the edge of my notebook is 4 white paws in the air while they both have an end each of one of the nylon bones we bought them at Crufts this year and they love them. 2 chocolate flavoured bones and a vanilla ring from Dog & Co. Must be happy hour!

Dog & co dental chew

Dog & co vanilla chew

Great Gifts for Dog Walkers

Great Gifts for Dog Walkers – Associated Content from Yahoo! –


This is great to give you some ideas not only for your dog walker if you have one but also a doggy friend who you can never think what to get! Us dogwalker like tips too though, makes us feel appreciated, lol.

advocate for feeding natural

For the dog owners out there feeding dried food (kibble) or tinned or wet food, I have a challenge for you. Go out into the interweb and find out what is in the food you are feeding your dog. Dont read the packaging because it tells you nothing, find out what actual meat and other ingredients is in your dog or cat for that matter, food. Then tell me you want to continue feeding you beloved pet on a diet which is equivelent to a life on junk food.

Some great books to read, Raw Meaty Bones by Tom Lonsdale and Give Your Dog a Bone by Dr Ian Billingshurst, both authors have veterinary backgrounds so they are sound reads, if not a little in depth some times.

Here is an article in the Daily Mail at the beginning of last year about Pet Foods

I have posted part of the article on my blog but you can read the whole thing and many more like it online.

I have been feeding my 2 older dogs raw food for the past 4 years. I started off to see if I could clear up Solo’s dandruff and Bracken would constantly be scratching her belly but she had been deflead and wormed and I’d tried all kinds of things like aloe vera to try and calm it down. Nothing worked and I had been researching into raw feeding for a few months by then so I decided to just take the plunge and start them on raw chicken! EEK!

They took to it like ducks to water, chewing and gnawing away! I meanwhile watched them like hawks to make sure they wouldn’t choke or start screaming in agony, but no, nothing happened and they loved it. And there was a bonus I wasn’t aware of at the time which was there was less to pick up after them. No smelly, sticky or slimey poo. Just nice little firm odourless pieces which were easily and quickly picked up without the aid of a shovel! Bonus!

So when Luna entered the household she was immediately changed onto a raw diet, one mishap at the beginning where she tried to ‘inhale’ a chicken wing, she screamed, I gave her a heimleck and that was that, she chewed everything slowly from there on in.

My boy Rudi though, he is the star carnivore! He started his natural diet on chicken wings and drumsticks at 8 weeks old and he will eat anything you put down in front of him. The others can be fussy sometimes of something new like rabbit or organ meat but this boy, if it was edible , he’d eat it. It was all new to me feeding a puppy raw as all the rest were adults when I changed over, so I had some nervous moments but I leaned on my raw feeding friends and I have to say he is growing into a very healthy, happy Springer. His coat is silken and odourless, he’s lean and muscular and he had all his adult teeth through by 7 months when most dry food fed pups are only half way there with the change from puppy teeth to adult munchers. Then he could really tackle the bigger bones too, like on the turkey drumsticks and the lamb necks and ribs. I love feeding them their natural diet, the one nature intended them to eat and they love it too and I haven’t had to take them to the vet in so long, I think their health speaks for themselves.

I’ll write more on this soon but have to go get their dinner out of the freezer!