monday monday

It’s been a lazy day, dog’s had a lamb chunk breakfast and played in the garden all morning in the sunshine. Rudi chasing our chickens up and down the fence and giving them some exercise too on this, another beautiful day. That’s 5 in a row, we’ll be getting too used to this malarky! Although I do think you cant beat a crisp, chilly Autumn morning for a great dog walk.

We must have seen gaggles and gaggles of swans flying in or out all day towards the estuary so it’s been a great bird watching day too!

All the dogs are inside now as the temperatures have plummeted since the sun set at about 4.45pm. Solo and Bracken were chillaxing in the living room while the other too played in the kitchen. Change over! Rudi is now wrestling with his flying squirrel toy upside down while Bracken watches on unimpressed and staying out of his way as he squeeks it in everyone’s face. This is his ‘mad hour’ after running around outside most of the day, he needs to wind down so he’ll try and get anyone and everyone to interact with him. Usually he rubs himself like a cat against any legs in the vicinity!

Salmon strips for tea!

Just found this site for good grip in the winter months- worth a look Ice Grippers



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