Do You Speak Dog?

Do you speak dog?

Canines have been our friends and companions for thousands of years, but do we really know how to speak their language?

Growing up around dogs, I was told I had a natural instinct or affinity for them. I was definitely magnetically drawn to them as a species , bringing any stray I found back home for some food and a cuddle, and still do. As I grew up I started reading books and watching programmes on the canine in general and I found that my logical brain had started taking over some of that natural communication I once had. I didn’t realise this at the time but it was only when I started to re-learn their language that I realised what I had forgotten.

Dog Listening, to me was like learning the magic words to open Aladdin’s cave. It brought back to me what I knew as a child, that a dog was not human, that it did not speak our language (no matter what you see on You Tube!) and they were a species with great kindness and we could learn a lot from them. I wanted to be their friend and enjoy their friendship, hopefully as much, I thought, as they would want from me.

Even if you have never had a dog as a pet, just sit and watch them some time without interacting (if you can, I know it can be hard). You will see their intelligence, their body language, how they interact with other members of the household, other pets and other dogs.  Do they start the interaction first or join in later. Do they make direct eye contact or look away?Do they respond better to someone calm or someone who is not? I think we have forgotten in this interactive 24/7 world how to just be still and watch, like I did as a child. It will open up a whole new insight into their world and what they are trying to tell us.

I cant wait to learn what they can teach me tomorrow!

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A great book (with lots and lots of photos) that every dog owner should own is

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas

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5 responses to “Do You Speak Dog?”

  1. Paula says :

    i was chatting to one of my clients today- and i recommended barf feeding due to skin ailments , the reply was , i cant get a good site to get me started , a basic do this feed that , barf is out there i know , but for the first timer its a bit scary, so maybe a simple menu say for a gsd would be good , what do you think ?

    • 4dogday says :

      Hey Paula, I can definitely do a how to start feeding barf, for specific breeds might be a bit argh, my new website is ready to go, just waiting on the domain name to change over so I could put a file to download on there too! Great idea, thanks!

  2. Paula says :

    ok ta !! then i can print out and hand to those that want to feed barf but are scared to start – it can be daunting to newbies , those that need to get over the old wives tales , lol

  3. dogbehaviorscience says :

    I’ve always disliked the terms dog listener/whisperer is gives the impression of some mystical qualities. You want to learn how to interpret dog behavior, it’s like any other skill. Study!

    • 4dogday says :

      Hi, you are absoulutely right! I see your not a fan of the whisperer who thinks he is special, neither am I. Dog Listeners in the UK are a group of qualified and trained professionals, but they do get mixed up with ‘whisperers’. I call myself a Dog Owner’s coach because I teach the owner how to communicate with their dog and solve problems together through positive re-inforcement, once they understand where the problem has come from and why. I was just remembering how it feels to connect to another sentient being and encouraging others to do so to in this hectic world, I hope you enjoyed my blog. x
      (PS my new website is just about to be launched so stay tuned)
      Thanks for commenting

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