worried mammy- he’s all grown up!

It’s funny, I’ve had dog’s all my life, I’ve worked with dogs since I was 15, including running a rescue shelter for 2 years and I’ve always believed in neutering dogs that you aren’t going to breed from. I believe it’s kinder and healthier for the dog. I know some people think this isn’t the case and I’ve heard some scary stories of spays gone wrong but most male castrations are pretty simple and straight forward. I still cant help but be worried for my boy Rudi.

Going under anaesthesia for any animal has it’s risks, I know he’s a big, healthy boy but I’m a worried mammy. My head says, he’ll be fine and then he wont be annoying the 2 girls so much and things will settle. My heart says ‘me baby!’, LOL

I’m just going to think of it as part of the growing up ritual and try not to think any more about it……

I’ll let you know how he got on at the weekend.

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Please leave a comment and let me know if you’ve been through this kinda thing


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