Feeding a natural diet could save you money and your dog’s life (Part 2)

‘ Dogs and cats suffering with peridontal disease frequently develop signs of heart, lung and joint disease. Once the peridontal disease is treated the joint stiffness and general activity levels of the patient frequently improves.’ Tom Lonsdale from his book Raw Meaty Bones

I know some people’s stomach might be doing flip flops with the thought of feeding raw meat, or they have heard stories about dogs who have choked on bones. Fact 1 bones only splinter when they are cooked, they become hollow and their density changes, raw bones wrapped in meat, e.g. a chicken leg or even a whole chicken is safe to feed.  For those who are  squeemish, I know quite a few vegetarians who feed their dogs a natural diet, me included. Fact 2, as long as you follow good hygiene standards preparing your pets food and after preparation then there shouldn’t be any problems with bacteria etc than when preparing your own food. Carnivores stomach acid is so strong that it turns bone into powder so dont worry about bacteria, their digestive systems can handle it.

Here is some additives in processed pet foods you may not know about; anticaking agents, lubricants,nonnutritive sweetners,colouring agents,flavour enhancers,emulsifiers,stabilisers,flavouring agents,flour treating agents,texturisers, PH control agents …… and the list goes on. These are things any digestive system (human or animal) should not be dealing with on a daily basis without ill effect.

How do these additives and chemicals effect an animals system?

Some animals may seem ok but may have dull coats, stiff gait, lost their sparkle, reduced appetite or drink excessive amounts of water. There can be behavioural or neurological abnormalities, hyper-activity, listlessness or sleeping a lot or even agitation and aggression. Some animals might be prone to gastro-intestinal disorders leading to soft stools or diarrhoea, vomiting or Bloat. These animals will also be prone to skin disease, liver disease, cancer, hyperthyroidism and an over worked Immune System (Vet Tom Lonsdale- Raw Meaty Bones)

What’s in a Natural Diet?

Well, mainly meat and bone, cartilage, fat and skin. Most people feed their pets human grade food because it is reared to meet the highest food standards so there is a limit to chemicals and drugs allowed if an animal is to go into the food chain. If you want to feed organic you can, if you want to feed some veg or fruit, you can so everything you feed your dog you can see and probably know where it comes from nowadays with traceability.

There are so many raw pet food companies out there now that buying, storing and feeding a natural diet is as easy and convenient as any other pet food. Most of it comes frozen, which means it will keep for a longer period until you are ready to use it without the use of preservatives and other chemicals. You can feed large pieces of food frozen, this keeps your dog occupied for longer, they have to chew more (releasing endorphins -the happy hormone,in the process) and keeps smells down to the bare minimum.

Most people I have spoken to who have changed over to a natural diet was because their pet was showing clinical signs of ill health or were generally not in good condition in their body or coat even though otherwise they seemed healthy. I have yet to meet anyone feeding this diet who says they would go back to a commercial pet food and everyone I have spoken to who has converted to this diet has said they now only need to go to the vets for an annual check up, vaccination booster  or neutering as they now have fit, healthy pets.

Even if you are still not convinced, I’m going to ask you to try an experiment. For one month, try feeding your pet dog or cat on a natural raw diet. If you dont like it or you see no difference in your pets coat, demeanor, teeth condition and what comes out the other end then go back to your regular pet food brand, what have you got to loose?

You can find more info on introducing your pet to a natural diet on my Website

I Highly recommend you read Raw Meaty Bones and Work Wonders by vet Tom Lonsdale, available online or at good book shops.

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16 responses to “Feeding a natural diet could save you money and your dog’s life (Part 2)”

  1. Christine says :

    Wow, I had no idea that stuff was in dog food! Good thing we always turned to natural dog food! Thanks for enlightening us!

    • 4dogday says :

      Thanks Christine, I think it’s about time people started understanding their pets health and it doesn’t cost any more to buy, it’s like educating ourselves to eat healthier too, it’s a natural evolution.

  2. Sandra Mauck says :

    I have had a house/pet sitting business for over five years and even though I’m winding down on clients and building a newer online business called Life’s Third Trimester, the information on your blog is invaluable for my housesitting as well as my new clients who are animal lovers as well.I will share widely

  3. Jean says :

    Thanks for the information. I had no idea I could feed my dog that way.

  4. Kathy Loftus says :

    I had never thought about all of those things in a dogs diet and that it could make so much difference, but it certainly makes sense. I try to be mindful in general with what I give my dogs. Now I will pay more attention to everything to ensure that I feed my dogs with more natural healthy food!

  5. Michelle says :

    Bernie, this information is great. Commercial food companies obviously do not have a vested interest in the health and well-being of our pets. Feeding our pets natural food is definitely the way to go!

    • 4dogday says :

      Totally Michelle, why rely on some one else to feed your dog if you dont know who they are. Bring it back home where we know exactly what they are being fed. Thanks for the comment

  6. Maria Portas says :

    Thank you for sharing this information! We are so busy learning about foods for our diets, and our poor animals deserve the same nutrition and care. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Great work Bernie!

  7. Michelle Lopez says :

    This is a whole new world you’re opening up for me Bernie! I’ve always had dogs but I’ve never been that concerned about what I fed them. Great info!

  8. Karen Kennaby says :

    Bernie its nice to know that natural healthy eating is good for pets too! I’ll share this on http://www.AroundTheTableWithKaren.com – healthy pets & healthy people!

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