Spring is upon us – is walking the dog getting boring? Have some doggy Fun!

ImageIt’s a bright and clear sunny day here in Derry, I love walking the dogs on days like these but sometimes I want to do a little more than that. Me and Bracken have had 2 weeks off cani crossing due to an old injury but we’ ve been so enjoying our Cani-xing together, we cant wait to get back into the harness! Today might be the day. Canicross is basically going for a run with your dog (who wears a harness, rather than just a lead and collar) You can go anywhere you would go running but is great if you like going a little ‘off road’. Dog sports are becoming more and more popular, there is Bikejoring, were you are on your bike and your dog runs along with you, there is Scootering which is your dog pulling you along in harness while you are on a scooter, there is Flyball, Agility, Dryland Mushing, I could go on! Dog activities and clubs are popping up everywhere in Ireland faster than you can say Cani x!

Get out there and try something new, you and your dog will never look at exercise in the same way again!

Email me or leave a comment below if you would like to know where there are some clubs here in Ireland. Have Fun!


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