The Art of Communication: Calming Signals

The Art of Communication: Calming Signals — Your Holistic Dog.

Communicating with your dog can be full of pitfalls, they are very subtle in their communication compared to us humans! Check out the link abov about calming signals, this is some of the subtle language our dogs use to communicate amongst themselves but also to us. There is a whole book on it!

Did you ever wonder why when you put a camera aimed at your dog, they start licking and your photo has a big pink tongue in it?

Have you ever got all cosy with your pup and given them a big cuddle and they flick their tongue in and out or do a big yawn! It’s not cause they’re licking their nose or are tired…check it out and share with your kids to be able to read what your dog is Actally trying to say.

Happy communicating x

please leave a comment below if you have any  questions, thank you



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