Using your Body Language to communicate isn’t just for Dog Owners – Monty Roberts has been doing it for decades!

Understanding how to use your body language to communicate to another species isn’t a new concept. People like Monty Roberts , also known as the horse whisperer has been doing it all his life! Now in his eighties, Monty grew up around horses and made it his life’s work to understand the horse and how to treat it differently and more kindly than he had seen his father and many others do in the past. Monty, after many decades of studying his own horses,  went out in the wilds of  the great plains in America to wild mustang and watched some more. This man has changed the way people deal with and understand their equine charges.

He created the method called ‘Join Up’

Monty teaches his pupils the language of Equus- the language of the horse. He says ‘The language of Equus is predictable, discernible and effective’ and he teaches all his pupils how to use their body language to communicate with their horse so that they can ‘have a conversation of understanding’ together. I have to say Monty is a very impressive man to watch working with horses and he is a quiet and very charismatic man, you can see how the animals can pick this up and feel confident around him.

Here is a link which shows some of his method and his online university where you can learn and study.

We use our body language to communicate with all our domesticated animals, our dogs, our cats, birds etc, we just don’t think about it because we speak in our heads too. Humans have a very bad habit – we anthropomorphize other living things (meaning we give them human attributes, personalities or voices)This is unfair to the other species as they do not think or communicate like us. Now in the 21st century I am glad to say we are studying animals in a new and scientific way and beginning to understand them and communicate with them in a way they can understand. I think this is the greatest thing we can do for the animals we love.

I met Monty Roberts at one of his Join Up Clinics in 2008

If you would like to learn more about Canine Communication go to my website where you can learn this wonderful method

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your comments on this subject

Bernie – The Dog Owners Coach


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6 responses to “Using your Body Language to communicate isn’t just for Dog Owners – Monty Roberts has been doing it for decades!”

  1. Karen says :

    great post Bernie

  2. elena J forbes says :

    Great information. I tend to, “talk” to my cats and think they are listening to me great reminder thanks!

  3. Michelle Lopez says :

    This is fascinating Bernie! I loved the movie “The Horse Whisperer” and think it’s great that you’re applying the same techniques with dogs. My dog tries to “talk” to me all the time and I often wonder what she’s really trying to tell me. 🙂

  4. Michelle says :

    Bernie, a great post. Communication through understanding body language is also very relevant to babies who cannot talk to us and tell us what’s wrong. I do agree with you that people tend to anthropomorphise their animals- you only have to look at children’s books where animals have been given human traits.

    • 4dogday says :

      Thanks Michelle, we forget about our non verbal communication because we can speak but it plays a big part in how we learn, get across our feelings and communicate with not just our own species but every other sntient being on the planet. I blame Walt Disney LOL

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