Are We Killing our Dogs with Kindness?

In an ideal world, we’d all be healthy, active and stress-free. Maybe that’s not such a big dream, it’s everyone’s goal to find that balance. But what about our pets?

Obesity in our pets is at its highest Ever

Out of our 8.3 million dogs here in the UK 35% of them are now Obese and cats are even worse at 37% of 11.9 Million population. That’s 2.9 Million dogs! Click HERE to see the article

Dog’s bad behaviour and aggression is constantly in the media too, it seems like the doggy world has suddenly gone crazy.

Are we to blame for this? Are we killing our dogs with kindness or with ignorance?

Dog shelters, pounds and animal charities are bursting at the seams. In Ireland in 2010 over 5000 dogs were put to sleep in dog pounds with 2011 looking to top this number (Anvil Ireland stats) Dog’s Trust reckons that local authorities handle 11 stray or unwanted dogs every hour around the UK! Most animal welfare charities are doing well to rehome that many in a week!

Most of these dogs are picked up or brought to shelters due to time restrictions, cost to keep or Behaviour issues.

Canine Health

There are now more cases of canine Cancers, Heart failure, Kidney failure and Arthritis to name the major health issues but food sensitivities and allergies are on the rise too, more than ever before  in the long history of man’s best friend. Just in case that didn’t sink in, just read that statement again.

I’m worried, very worried for our loyal Canine Companion in the 21st Century

As a Dog Listener and Dog Owners Coach I see and speak to many people who have issues of some kind with their dog. Not all are behavioural, But what a dog eats will affect its behaviour, just like us. If food causes ill-health, then that affects behaviour too.

The rubbish that is being pumped into our pets which are full off additives, preservatives, processed sugars and highly processed fats are enough to send any species crazy.

Dont even get me started on an Industry who are making Millions, in fact Billions of Pounds and Dollars at the cost of our pets health!

They spend this money by bombarding every pet owner with their fancy and expensive media advertising, they train our vets and they seem to create problems just so they can sell us their solution.

Take Denta sticks, rasks, all those type of products ‘feed one to your dog every day to prevent gum disease vets recommend them’. I remember a time before these products, where our family dog got a big juicy bone from the butchers once or twice a week and he never had to have a dental!

Why are dog’s teeth in such need now of cleaning? Because of the highly processed dry kibble and tinned food (I’m not even going to call it meat) which your dog barely has to chew never mind the sugars and processed sticky fats that coat your dog’s teeth. They have no way of cleaning them by themselves unless you clean them, you feed them one of these ‘teeth cleaning treats’ OR you give them a nice big meaty bone

Why a Meaty Bone?

Because the chewing, gnawing, ripping and tearing of said meaty bone acts LIKE a toothbrush, massaging teeth and gums and flossing in between teeth as they eat. 2 in 1 wow how about that!

2nd Plus for feeding Meaty Bones!

Pro number 2 to feeding meaty bones is that the work your dog has to put into eating his meal is exactly that – A Work Out!

Many people who have recently changed over to feeding a natural meaty bone diet comment on how much more chilled, content and relaxed their dogs have become. I’ve probably mentioned this before but through all this chewing, brain chemicals called Endorphins are released, these are known as ‘Happy Hormones’.

It happens to us too, that’s why us humans comfort eat or all those football bosses chew gum at a hundred miles an hour on the sidelines endorphins!!

Endorphins = Stress relief & more Contentedness


Would you rather chose to feed a food low in meat, high in carbs which is highly processed and can make your dog unbalanced or worse, ill?


Would you rather choose a food that your dog was designed naturally to eat, has to use its whole body to eat and benefits him mentally as well as physically?

More and more people are breaking away from the Pet Food Industry’s Hypnotic grip and going back to Nature Knows Best.

If you have heard rumours about a natural diet see my post on 5 Myths about feeding your dog a Raw Diet – Busted!

There are loads of people out there making the change and they are on forums and social groups everywhere. Dog owners in Ireland and the UK can find out more HERE.

If you want to learn more about keeping your dog healthy and happy sign up to get new posts on the right or leave a comment below, I look forward to hearing from you.

Bernie – The Dog Owners Coach


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13 responses to “Are We Killing our Dogs with Kindness?”

  1. Debbi says :

    Nice article, so true on meaty bones

  2. Jean says :

    Great post. My dogs will be getting more bones!

  3. Sandra Mauck says :

    I take care of other people’s dogs and so I see many different approaches to feeding. Your points are well taken and I will encourage my clients to read your posts often.

  4. Michelle Lopez says :

    Wow. This is great info! My dog acts like she’s hungry 24 hours a day. I think meaty bones would probably help with that! Thanks!

  5. Christine says :

    Interesting fact about the bones! Had no idea they were good for dogs other than giving them something to chew on.

  6. Michelle says :

    Bernie, a great post. Of course the commercial pet food companies do not give a toss about the health and well- being of our pets. The prevalence and clever marketing of artificial and processed pet foods is coming back to bite us big time. Adverse health implications can be cruel, expensive and are completely unnecessary. Natural foods are best for both animals and humans alike. With regards to the number of animals that get put to sleep each year, I find this disturbing too. Surely, breeding restrictions need to be tightened to help manage and reduce the number of animals whose lives are cut short. There has to be a solution to this problem.

  7. Donna Rowe says :

    Yes keep the healthy tips coming, especially the raw food diet thing. My dog has bad breath all the time. We feed him one of the best foods out there that does not contain corn, any suggestions?

    • 4dogday says :

      Thanks for the comment Donna, bad breath is to do with commercial food being unable to clean your dog’s mouth, ie, gums and teeth. The high sugars and processed fats in commercial food which stick to your dogs teeth causing tartar make it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Feeding more raw meaty bones, that’s bones covered in meat will 1 give your dog lots to chew on and help him clean his teeth and gums and 2 will take longer to digest but at the correct pH level with nothing for the bacteria to feed or breed in or on.

  8. Rebecca Hill says :

    Great article and reminder. I plan to pick up a nice meaty bone for Zoey on my next trip to the market. Anything I should look for or avoid? How meaty should it be? How big should the bone be? Are some bones softer (and therefore less effective) than others? Thanks again!

    • 4dogday says :

      Hi Rebecca great questions, look back on some of my previous blogs for more info but you want to choose raw food with softer bones so your dog can shear off meat and crunch on bone (dont worry it will still be wrapped in meat) Chicken, turkey, lamb, duck, rabbit, game are all great and usually all readily available. What you dont want to feed is big load bearing bones like beef knuckles or shins as these can be denser than your dog’s teeth! we dont want broken teeth. The size is important for dogs who are likely to ‘bolt’ their food, ie try to swallow it whole so your meaty bone or half chicken or whole rabbit needs to be as big as your dog’s head and at Least bigger than his mouth! Lamb breast, neck or ribs are a good start as they are cheaper cuts or poultry if your dog likes blander foods or if you have a young dog whose teeth are still coming through.

  9. Kathy Loftus says :

    Although aware of some of these issues, I did not realise the enormity until you had put it in the noted perspective in your post. I for one will certainly endeavour to be more mindful to instilling healthier maintenance and feeding habits for my dogs. Thank you for sharing

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