Pet Smart tips for improving your pet’s life- Part 2 Vaccinations

I recently talked, in-depth, to Catherine O’Driscoll, founder of Canine Health Concern and author of many books on the subject of vaccinations and our pets. (Listen To The Interview Here)  It was a very revealing conversation about how far a loving pet owner will go to help other ‘Pet Parents’ not go through the heart-ache and sadness she went through with her own beloved dogs 19 years ago.

Catherine lost her very special dog Oliver, suddenly and with no reason, so it seemed at the time, and her vet could giver her no answers as to the reason why he had died. Her other 3 dog’s were also sick with different illnesses to varying degrees and so Catherine set out on her own personal journey to get answers.

She got a very startling answer soon after her journey began from a homeopathic vet who revealed to her that 80% of most illnesses happen within 3 months of a vaccine event. This is a very shocking statistic to hear and what makes it worse is that not all vets are aware of this fact. She then started reading scientific papers and doing as much research as she could to get the facts about vaccines and created  Canine Health Concern to start raising awareness among pet owners and vets alike.

Some illnesses which seem to be linked with vaccine events – Arthritis, Auto-immune diseases, Diabetes, Pancreatitis, kidney and liver disease, neurological diseases like Epilepsy are also linked as well as sudden behavioural changes in a dog’s personality. And of course Cancer.

Personally I haven’t re-vaccinated my own 3 adult dogs for the past 3 years as I had heard and read about ‘side effects’ of over vaccinating since I started following on from changing my dogs onto a raw natural diet. However I did give Rudi (my Springer pup) his puppy shots last year as I wanted him to have some immunity and didn’t know what alternatives were out there or understand how they worked. Catherine explained how Homeopathic Nosodes work as an alternative to vaccinations.  It is a specific virus in a minute quantity, so should build immunity without all the chemical carriers vaccines contain like Mercury and Aluminium.

If you want to know if your dog or cat needs to be vaccinated or has sufficient immunity to a virus you can ask your vet for a Titre Test. This is just a blood test that checks your pets immune system to specific diseases or viruses. This used to be expensive and it had to go away to a lab for results but there is now a quick and easy kit which is now available to all vets called Vaccicheck. This means that Titre testing can be done ‘in house’ by your own vet. If your vet has never heard about this kit before give them this web address

The World Small Animal Veterinary Organisation  recommends to vaccinate the core vaccines no more frequently than every 3 years, but they also add that immunity to these core viral diseases is probably lifelong from puppy shots.  That does not mean they need to be done every 3 years, so this is where you can ask your vet to do  a vaccicheck test and see if it is even needed, as a lot of vaccines will give immunity for life, like our own childhood vaccines.

Catherine is now campaigning for more vaccination awareness and a more natural way of raising our pets with Pet Parents Action Group where she is joining forces with other similar campaigners around the world to give all pet owners a voice against the big manufacturers of not only vaccines but commercial pet foods too. It is a great platform for free research, support and to find like-minded people who want the best for their animals.

Listen Here to the Interview

I want to thank Catherine for her time to give me an interview and also thank her for the wonderful work she is doing in regards to animal welfare in the UK and beyond. I hope you all get to listen to this incredible and eye-opening conversation and get as much out of it as I did.

I would love to hear what you think about the issues discussed and you can find more info at Catherine’s website Canine Health Concern

best wishes

Bernie Browne

The Dog Owners Coach


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3 responses to “Pet Smart tips for improving your pet’s life- Part 2 Vaccinations”

  1. unicoachingster says :

    sad sorry about your friend. Losing a pet is never easy. Thanks for the words of caution

  2. Jean says :

    Thanks for the information. I had heard also about the problems with vaccinations from a cat breeder who strongly discouraged them past the kitten or puppy shots. Glad we listened.

  3. Christie says :

    Good information- I’m getting the titre test for my dog when booster shots are up again. Thx!

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