Is Your Dog Ignoring You?

Why should a dog respond to you in an instant? Could there be a few reasons why training isn’t what you expected? Great insight and making you think on your feet from Nicole.

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Wilde About Dogs

I’ve seen it way too many times. An owner has asked a dog to do something, and the dog doesn’t do it…so the owner repeats the request more loudly. (Have I mentioned that dogs can hear a potato chip hit the carpet in the next room? The dog heard the cue the first time!) If the dog still doesn’t comply, the owner gets frustrated, or perhaps even angry. Depending on what the person feels is acceptable human behavior, the dog may then get jerked, shaken, or worse.

Why do we become so upset when dogs don’t comply with our requests? Well, for one thing, we anthropomorphize. We think, He blew me off! Or She’s just being stubborn! The truth is, dogs don’t do what we want when we want for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few possible scenarios:

1. The dog simply doesn’t know the behavior well…

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2 responses to “Is Your Dog Ignoring You?”

  1. kramer1959 says :

    I will NEVER understand how someone can leave a dog or cat at a shelter just because it’s too much work, or no longer convenient. People getting angry because a dog won’t perform a stupid trick??? Seriously, I’m happy that the stray I took in 7 years ago doesn’t pee and poop in the house. I LOVE this dog and I can’t imagine abandoning her. Although someone did, once. That’s how she got to be mine. She was lucky. Lucky that she didn’t get hit by a car before I found her running in traffic. Aside from that, I’m the lucky one.

    • 4dogday says :

      Thank you kramer1959, my aim is to help people understand that there is a wonderful relationship there waiting to be nurtered between them and their dogs. What work they put into the relationship, they will get out. Sounds like you were both lucky to find one another! Feel free to sign up to receive my blog by email and thank you for your comments 🙂

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