The Canine Insight – Can you afford to miss it?

It’s Finally Time, it’s ready, just for you!

I am super excited to tell you about this….

This year I took it upon myself to get the best information I could for all my dog loving clients, friends and family. What happened next took on a life of it’s own!

I ended up putting together a FREE and EXCLUSIVE Canine Event which is the first of it’s kind with these Amazing Experts.

They have given their time, their stories, their experiences and their successful methods working with all kinds of dogs FREE to You!

All you have to do is register!

The Canine Insight. 

The Canine Insight

The Canine Insight

I’ve been working on this for the past 3 months, so what you are going to get out of this canine convention of sorts will surpass all your expectations, I promise you.

My friends and I are going to explode all the doggy myths and give you a true insight into how living with and loving your dog can truly end up changing your life for the better.

We’ll be talking about training, health, diet, rescue dogs, holistic methods, fearful dogs, communicating with your pet and so much more!

Go register now and tell all your friends who you think might love to hear about this. I want to use this opportunity to help as many dog owners and lovers that I can while this event is on.

Share this far and wide for all our furry friends

Furry Hugs

Bernie Browne x

(and don’t forget to come back and let me know what you got out of the event, I’d really love to hear from you)



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2 responses to “The Canine Insight – Can you afford to miss it?”

  1. Anna says :

    Since the interviews started, I have tried several times to listen to the replays. Unfortunately none of the replays have ever worked. I regularly listen to other replays so it’s not at my end. It has also been hard to find how to contact you to let you know. I hope you will replay them when you get the replay player to work.

    • 4dogday says :

      Hi Anna, my apologies for finding it so difficult to get thru, we have had some teething issues with some technical back end stuff. I have just tried all the replays and they worked for me, as a few participants have experience a similar issue. I contacted Instant Teleseminar’s Customer Service department, and below are their recommendations. One participant said that doing what it says in the first bullet point fixed the issue immediately!
      – If using Internet Explorer, F12 will switch to compatibility mode.
      – Ensure compatibility mode is off if using IE (Internet Explorer) 10.
      – Ensure that the computer has the most recent version of Flash Player being out of date. You can go to to update and replays should work.
      – There is no keyboard shortcut for compatibility view for IE 10. Listeners will have to tap ‘Alt’, then click (Tools > Compatibility View).
      – We recommend Firefox or Chrome for the best operation with our site.
      – Feel free to direct listeners directly to our support page if they are having issues:
      – You can call directly if they continue to experience problems: 503-290-5600
      I hope one of these things fixes your replay issues Anna and you don’t miss any of the calls
      Best wishes

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