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Thundery Thursday

Well it started off a beautiful autumnal morning and ended up with down pours and a few claps of thunder. Luckily the dogs were in while I had been out or else they wouldn’t be speaking to me by now! The meat man had also arrived when I was out so nice big juicy turkey necks for dinner (for the dogs of course, I’m vegetarian by the way!) and spent about 40 minutes dividing 4.5kg of minced beef into smaller bags to freeze for later.

They all got out to eat on the path or the lawn cus I hate feeding bones inside, they never stay on the towel or blanket and usually end up sneeking into the living room to eat it, they just know it’s my pet peeve! So outside everyone is happy and now they’re all having a snooze with full belly’s.

I’ve just found a great site called Canine Health Concerns and have been reading some very sad stories. I get so annoyed with the veterinary fraternity who should be alerting owners to the health risks of  feeding our pets manufactured rubbish and then drugging them up to the nines (anual vacs) when a healthy animal doesn’t need it. So they make twice as much money of us and then ask for a whole lot more when the dog falls ill with all that crap goin into it’s body in the first place! (ok calm…)

Here is the site, do read, sceptically or with honest interest, I dont mind (hover over the CHC) CHC

Promise to write more tomorrow!

Happy hour

Trying to work, or more rather research on the net while the 2 mental cases, Rudi and Luna, roll and wrestle around the living room floor and make loads of noise. All I can see over the edge of my notebook is 4 white paws in the air while they both have an end each of one of the nylon bones we bought them at Crufts this year and they love them. 2 chocolate flavoured bones and a vanilla ring from Dog & Co. Must be happy hour!

Dog & co dental chew

Dog & co vanilla chew

4 dog blogger

OK, here’s some background for you all, about me and my 4 dogs so you get to know me almost instantly without having to ask some awkward questions! You will also notice I use this ! a lot, dont ask me maybe it’s how I actually speak!

I live in Derry, Northern Ireland or Londonderry or the Maiden City or the City of Culture 2013, take your pick. I live with my long suffering partner, who bless him is a very supportive soul and of course there are my four kids, Solo 16yrs, Bracken 9yrs, Luna 3yrs (we think) and Rudi 8 months. Apart from Bracken they are all rescues and they are  in ascending order, a Whippet cross collie, a Border Terrier, a Border Terrier and an English Springer Spaniel.

I have always had dog’s in my life, there are plenty of family photos showing me squeezing the family’s or somebody else’s dog! If there was a dog in the vicinity I would find it or it would find me, things haven’t really changed much! I worked in show kennels while at high school and then worked with horses for a while, same thing just bigger! I then got Solo when I left college, I was living with my best friend at the time and she bought/ rescued  Solo for my 22nd Birthday.

There’s a load of crap in the middle there but the last 9yrs or so have been mainly focused back on dogs. I am a qualified Dog Listener, I managed a rescue centre for 2 years, I petsit and dog walk, I bake my own wheat and gluten free dog biscuits and as from about 6 weeks ago I now sell raw or natural dog food too. So you could say I have a very doggie life indeed!

So I will share my life, my experiences , the ups and downs of dog ownership, hopefully helping some of you on the way and you get to know us all a little bit better.