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Cani x for 2012

Hi all, for 2012 we are trying canicross to get ourselves fit! Luna, Rudi and I are going for runs 3 times a week to build ourselves up and get fitter. We’re aiming to be running 5k in 10 weeks. We are now 3 weeks in and are running/ walking about 3k in 30 mins so far. The dogs are loving it, when it’s time to jog Rudi takes off and has to be urged to slow down in his excitement. Luna sets her pace and she sticks to it at my walk or running pace (that’s what Borders do). She’s a perfect running partner!

I’ve bought a new running belt with bungee lead for the Rudester as I already had one to start off with, so both dogs can run along and my hands are free. We’ve tried a few different places to run and different terrains to keep us all from getting bored. Will get some pics up of us all soon.

Food wise, Rudi is getting extra fresh fish in his diet and some extra protein, Luna has gotten fat over xmas so she’s a bit miffed her food ration hasn’t gone up like the boys đŸ™‚

4 dog blogger

OK, here’s some background for you all, about me and my 4 dogs so you get to know me almost instantly without having to ask some awkward questions! You will also notice I use this ! a lot, dont ask me maybe it’s how I actually speak!

I live in Derry, Northern Ireland or Londonderry or the Maiden City or the City of Culture 2013, take your pick. I live with my long suffering partner, who bless him is a very supportive soul and of course there are my four kids, Solo 16yrs, Bracken 9yrs, Luna 3yrs (we think) and Rudi 8 months. Apart from Bracken they are all rescues and they are  in ascending order, a Whippet cross collie, a Border Terrier, a Border Terrier and an English Springer Spaniel.

I have always had dog’s in my life, there are plenty of family photos showing me squeezing the family’s or somebody else’s dog! If there was a dog in the vicinity I would find it or it would find me, things haven’t really changed much! I worked in show kennels while at high school and then worked with horses for a while, same thing just bigger! I then got Solo when I left college, I was living with my best friend at the time and she bought/ rescued  Solo for my 22nd Birthday.

There’s a load of crap in the middle there but the last 9yrs or so have been mainly focused back on dogs. I am a qualified Dog Listener, I managed a rescue centre for 2 years, I petsit and dog walk, I bake my own wheat and gluten free dog biscuits and as from about 6 weeks ago I now sell raw or natural dog food too. So you could say I have a very doggie life indeed!

So I will share my life, my experiences , the ups and downs of dog ownership, hopefully helping some of you on the way and you get to know us all a little bit better.