My name is Bernie Browne, I am a life long animal lover,we have always had dogs in the family and I owned my own horse in my 20’s. I am a Dog Owners Coach & Dog Listener, trained by the original dog listener Jan Fennell in 2008. My first job as a 16 year old was in a show kennel with 30 Paillions to play with, how cool is that?

I have volunteered and worked in a number of animal rescues in my lifetime so far and aim to do my best to help them and their canine wards as much as I possibly can in the future too.

I have watched wolves in the wild in Yellowstone National Park as well as the coyotes, bison, elk etc, in 2009 with 2 great Biologists who live there, Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston from Yellowstone Wolf Tracker

Seeing how closely related these wild canines are to the ones living in our homes is an eye opener, because there is very little difference between them, apart from their looks. I’ve also met  Monty Roberts, the Man who listens to horses and seen him do ‘Join Up’ in real life, amazing to watch man and horse work together without force. I suppose all I’m looking for is a better way to understand our loyal pets and make their life as good as I can make it. And hopefully pass on some of that experience to you and other animal lovers.

I am a strong advocat for raw feeding and have seen so many miraculous changes in dogs who have been ill, have digestive sensitivities and food  allergies, skin disorders, have oral problems, so many issues where vets have told these dog’s owners they weren’t sure what was causing the problems and medication was prescribed. These wonderful open minded owners did their own research and found BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding). No more medication, no more illnesses just happy healthy dogs! You cant beat Nature

Here’s to sharing a kinder way to train our dogs and finding a more holistic approach to life and our canine partners!



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